Sumatra’s Peat Land People Declaration

They come from different background; communities, governments, NGOs, spread all over Sumatra’s peat land area. they realize that something has happened to their peat land, disaster, forest fire, conflict and last climate has also changed. They have to do something to make it better. There is still hope and dream that could be build together, so during one of Indonesia’s Peat Land People Festival they gathered and make an agreement and declaration on how to build a multi-stake holder sustainable peat land ecosystem management, ecologically, economically and socially.

at least this is what they want to make a better change for their life

As a result of the agremeent and declaration there are agenda priority that  have to be  fulfilled:
a.    Ecological Aspects

    1. Policy on the spatial utilization, forest area management  or forest blok plan and an accurate data information system is a Must
    2. peat land ecosystem moratorium: Stop the expansion of palm oil and timber estate forest.
    3. Peat land restoration by rehabilitation, land culturation and forest fire prevention.

b.    Economical Aspect

    1. Facilitating the stkae holder, community enhancement on the community based sustainable peat land  ecosystem management.
    2. Build an sustainable alternative economy development based on the local potential
    3. Enhancement of  enviromental services utilization policy to build a forestmanagement agremeent.

c.    Social aspects

    1. Conflict mediation between community and any other social stake holder in a sustainable peat land ecosystem management.
    2. Creating an equal multi-stake holder partnership, by right recognition through dialogue.
    3. Enhancement of local and indigenous insitution and the Protection of its  Indigenous people’s Law.

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