Releasing Blame, Help US!

United States of America is a big country in the world. All American decision about international aspect will be a trend issue that is followed by many countries who are high carbon emitters. America commits to reduce 16% carbon emission for 2020. Indonesian environmentalist avoids it.

Refer to news released by detiknews.com that is an Indonesian local e-news (12/1), some environmental organizations said that America has to doable its ecological responsibility for reducing its carbon release to 40% until 2020. If it would be doable by America, many emitters country will be following it.

The news could be strengthening that America still is cop of world as super power state in the world. For getting awareness from Annex 1 countries as like America how to reduce their carbon emission to atmosphere from their fossil energy consumption into 47% which is ideal percent number of reducing emission as IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) recommendation, many stakeholders as especially Non Annex 1 countries has to be knocking their human interest. Earth is not for destruction, global warming is a reality of earth destructed by carbon releasing that will be increasing 2 Celsius of air earth temperature.

In March, Indonesia government said via President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on G20 meeting in England that Indonesia could be reducing its carbon emission to 26% until 2020 as more than American international commitment about reducing emission target post Kyoto Protocol. In national context, the president release is gotten polemic, but it could be a trigger for Annex 1 countries. Indonesia is one member of Non Annex 1 that has no responsibility to reduce their carbon emission.

Up dating issue around the president release, Indonesia government said Indonesia could reduce carbon emission to 41% when other parties could support Indonesia on financial of Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) implementation that is news released by any national media for many times.

One representative of DNPI (Dewan Nasional Perubahan Iklim) as presidential body that coordinate adaptation and mitigation on climate change in all sectors in Indonesia, Dodi S Sukardi said in Bogor (11/19), “Indonesian highest carbon release is from deforestation. 45% carbon emission is from peat and forest burning.”

The media release is possible on ‘releasing blame’. But there is no effect to American strong position about responsibility to reduce carbon emission in International context. In two times report release of peat forest burning is doable from Wetlands International (2006) and DNPI (2009) about Indonesia indicated as third higher country on carbon emission in the world. So, how can Indonesian environmental organization group and government easily say to Annex 1 (especially for America) by rally action and ‘provoke’ that Indonesia takes a leading on reducing 41% carbon emission for national context? Is it blame or releasing blame? It’s releasing blame!

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