Improvement of Financial and Marketing Management for HKm Sambelia Women’s Group

Improvement of Financial and Marketing Management for HKm Sambelia Women’s Group


The Bangkit Bersama Women Group and Dara Kunci Women Group were formed to maximize the potential of non-timber forest products (NTFP), as a new family income by developing cashew nute which is the biggest NTFP in Sambelia Community Forest. Currently, the women groups have economic resources and are starting to be noticed by local government.

The KpSHK has periodically increased the ability of women’s groups through implementing remote assistance to comply with the Covid Protocol. By implementing virtual assistance of management modules such as Strengthening Women Capacity on Organization Management, Financial Management Improvement, and Development of Online Marketing. Output of the activities are the women groups have an integrated system of basic accounting and database which are based website application on bookkeeping and digital data storages.



The face to face training was carried out in Sugian Village which are implementing Training of Online Marketing by Social Media, with the guest speaker was Rima Yunita Diantari who has experience on Online Marketing Development. The training aims to open up broader marketing opportunities through social media including Instagram. Women are also trained to make attractive product photos with various techniques.



Rima Yunita Diantari, S.E., MM.Par is a native person of Lombok who is also a graduate of the Bandung Tourism School. She explains how to use social media formats for developing  marketing of NTFP what  are developed by women groups (Sugian, 25-26 / 07/2020)

“There is an increase in the price of a product if it is packaged properly,” Rima explained. Rima also said that one of the best-selling moves is “…the more expensive is the more in demand.” This move can be applied by improving packaging that contains several product packages commonly called hampers. Another move is  “Curious, Want to Buy and Satisfy”.

Rima is a resource person and also trainer of marketing activities through online media. She also explained one of the online marketing applications through Instagram.

Participants in the women’s group immediately practiced making instragram accounts including @KWTDarKun, @davidaviku, @ reselersugianmete.kamariah, @dianresellermetesugian.





The direct assistance activities were also carried out on July 24-28, 2020. The moment aims to evaluate the development and problems of women’s groups, as well as discussions with Head of the East Lombok Cooperative Office.

Fahrul Zaelani (KPSHK) explains Basic Accounting, Accounting Books, Balance Sheet Reports, and Income Statement. Participants also discuss case examples and use applications with the Excel formula.



Hj. Rasmiah, Head of the East Lombok Cooperative Office explained that related to the priorities of the Sugian and Dara Kunci Village women groups as the pre-eminent group of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as a priority group received cash assistance and production equipment.

“The Cooperative Service Strategy will conduct regular field visits for groups active in its production and sales,” explained Rasmiah.



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