Ending ‘Politic of Climate Speak Out’

Climate Justice Action for Community Forestry
(KpSHK release for COP 15 UNFCCC December 7-19, 2009)

Tomorrow is the first day for starting up fifteenth multi-parties meeting on climate change (COP15 UNFCCC) in Copenhagen, Denmark (12/7). Political talk about the climate had been at fifteenth since all states in the world concerned protection and saving the earth and human livelihoods (1977). The result of the fifteenth multi-parties meeting will be delaying saving the earth and human livelihoods soon, mainly for systemic poor communities and systemic uncivilized communities by development which is oriented only economic generating. The fifteenth multi-parties on climate change meeting are political carbon trading meeting of United Nations.

International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had recommended clear and clean that carbon concentration is less than 450 ppm (part per metric) at atmosphere, where is in 2000 its concentration was at 370 ppm, it figures the situation that will be increasing air temperature into 2 Celsius of the earth.

Months later when meeting times of COP15 UNFCCC closes, Indonesia Government is a part of Non Annex 1 that country group has no responsibility to cut their carbon emission had released that Indonesia could reduce measurable their carbon emission into 26% in number until 2020 which is no financial support by external partners, and with external partners support could reduce into 41% in number. The reducing carbon emission will be done by Non Annex 1 countries is a symbol that becoming exchange a part of Annex 1 responsibility to cut their carbon emission via compensation scheme. The compensation scheme will be using for adaptation and mitigation on climate change in Non Annex 1 countries where they have more relative wider forested area. Indonesia proposed REDD (reducing emission from deforestation and degradation) scheme for exchanging responsibility with Annex 1 countries.

In Indonesian forestry context, Indonesia has critical basic problems of forestry mainly such as tenure conflict, degraded forest function and utility that are degraded and deforested by land use and land used change (LULUCF), corruption and human rights crime. The forestry tenure conflict has around in number 16 million hectare with community forestry, more less than 72 million hectares is an existing forest for conservation and protected area from 143 million hectare forested area, every converted forest to others could be increasing 3-4 number of conflicts vertical and human rights crime. All these are enrich that result of Human Rights Watch research about wild money from illegal logging on Indonesia forestry sector in period 2003-2006 (HRW, 2009), 2 billion dollars are corrupted.

The REDD which is mainly Indonesian proposal will get memorandum of agreement on COP 15 Copenhagen with Annex 1 countries for post Kyoto Protocol Agreement and critical basic problems of Indonesian forestry sector had been synchronized. The REDD has to bring basic forestry conflict into resolution that forwarded to tenure conflict solution, reducing potential conflict and human rights crime, make a good forest governance, especially for mainstreaming community forestry development.

For all of that, KpSHK (Consortium for Supporting Community Based Forest System Management) joint with its SHK supporters (37 organizations) and members of Indonesian Customary Forest Forum (22 communities) state and suggest that Indonesia Government:

  1. Not ought to become forest sector as guarantee sector to get new debt in implementation scheme of REDD.
  2. Still push Annex 1 countries for taking their responsibility to cut their carbon emission base on IPPC recommendation about cutting ideal of carbon emission at 47% in number of reducing.
  3. Clear and clean to take doable law enforcement on forestry sector about corruption and human rights crime.
  4. Has to solve clear and clean of all critical basic on forestry conflict via policy reform on forestry law and constitution, especially UU No.41/1999 about Forestry, for mainstreaming community forestry on forestry development, and stopping implementation of Permentan No.14/2009 about expansion of oil palm plantation in peat forest area that Indonesia would be a part of active country for adaptation and mitigation of global climate change.

For Annex 1 countries, they have to help their self seriously to:

  1. Cut their carbon emission into 47% in number until 2020 with self highest awareness for saving the earth and the human from global warming destruction.
  2. Do not be giving measurable commitment on new debt for Non Annex 1 that country need more external support on development financial budget via REDD scheme or offset.
  3. Commit to support REDD implementation for Non Annex 1 countries via grant financial scheme is a resolution for good forest governance in Indonesia as like tenure conflict resolution, forestry law enforcement, and for mainstreaming community forestry.

The SHK supporters’ statement is suggestion for getting climate justice and as the response of fifteenth multi-parties meeting on climate change.

Bogor, December 6, 2009

All SHK supporters:

  1. KpSHK National Secretary Office
  2. 37 members of KpSHK
  3. 22 communities of Customary Forest Forum

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