Borneo’s Peat Land People Declaration

This is taken from a result of swamp-peat forest people workshop, April 21 2009 as a part of Indonesia’s Peat Land People Festival Agenda: “Zero Earth Burning, Swamp-Peat Forest for Life”. At this part a multistakeholders focus group discussion have come to a conclusion. Making a declaration and agreed to side by side support each other to make a sustainable peat land management, ecologically, economically and socially. a big dream that could only become reality when any part of it actively involved.Priority Agenda for Borneo’s Swamp-Peat Peopel for a better and sustainable swamp-peat forest management:

a.    Ecological aspect

    1. Complete swamp-peat forest rehabilitation is a must in a degraded swamp-peat forest and land by planting a local species plant.
    2. Reviewing, monitoring and evaluation of a destructive swamp-peat  forest and land projects such as mega rice project etc
    3. Enhancing the ole of sustainable swamp-peat forest and land management (activate a role of village steward)

b.    Economical aspect

    1. Enhancing the Economical Development Program of a local people
    2. Enhancing a role of society, community and citizenship accepting a  government policy
    3. Reviewing, monitoring and evaluation for any government policy for a  swamp-peat forest and land management.

c.    Social Aspect

    1. Enhancement the role of Village steward capacity building and any other village aspect
    2. Enhancement the role of a local and traditional wisdom in a peat land management that is proved kept the sustainable of swamp-peat forest and land existence.

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